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Crucial Support for Contractors and Owners

We offer multi-faceted construction consulting services to serve users and members of the construction industry in Little Rock, Arkansas and around the nation. From business development, marketing, operational support, to financial advice; we offer every tool to take your construction firm to the next level.


Financial and Operational Management Support 

Most Contractors fail for two main reasons, lack of operational controls and lack of understanding financial information. The Arkansas Contractors Licensing Board will concur that these are the two key reasons for the failure of Contractors. As a past member of that Board for almost twenty years Scott has personally witnessed this on multiple occasions. As past COO and CEO of a large commercial contractor he knows the signs of failure and the proven processes and fundamental procedures to turn around or strengthen any construction company. 

These services focus on bonding and insurance consulting, general business coaching, billing and cash flow, profit projections, understanding financial reporting, and dispute resolution support.

Our Strengths

Copas + Co Services for Contractors and Subcontractors

Bonding & Insurance Consulting 
Business Coaching 
Billing & Cash Flow Consulting 
Financial Statement Analysis 
Profit Projections 
Operation Assessments 
Growth Strategies 
Talent Acquisition 
Dispute Litigation Consulting and Support 


Marketing and Business Development

Many of our clients have a marketing department but are not successfully portraying their message. 

Our marketing team has extensive experience in proven successful construction marketing strategies that we can teach your team. If you do not have an inhouse marketing department, let us provide that service for you. Creating awareness for your company and team is crucial to successful business development and our Business Awareness services will get you noticed and followed by potential customers. 

Our Strengths

Strategic Relationship Building and
Client Development Consulting 
Public Relations Consulting and Management 
Social Media Consulting and Management 
Advertising Consulting and Management 
Media Press Release Consulting and Management 
Marketing Analysis 
Business Coaching 
Brand Identity 
Event Marketing 
Collateral Design


RFP + Presentation Consulting and Management

The RFP, presentation, and interview process is where we excel. Shayla and Scott are experts in increasing wins and analyzing the competition. 

Our Strengths

Consulting and Training 
Competitor Analysis 
RFP Client Strategic Evaluations and Implementation 
RFP Interview Preparation 
Presentation Preparation


Copas + Co Services for Legal Counsel

Scott Copas has spent a good deal of his career working with dispute negotiations, mediation, arbitration, and litigation. When issues cannot be resolved we are here to help provide services to contractors, developers, and owners.

Our Strengths

Expert Witness Services for legal counsel
Conflict Evaluation & Recommendations
Conflict Negotiations


Construction Evaluation Support 

One of our most popular services is the evaluation of existing facilities or potential sites for renovation or development. It truly takes a contractor’s perspective to see the potential costs or cost savings prior to making a financial commitment. Simply put, the site or building might be unique and beautiful but cost a fortune to develop. 

As a general contractor for over forty-four years, we have the ability to help the team make the best determination for engineering consultants. Determining the most appropriate method of project delivery is based on many factors. The complexity of the project, the market and the location of the project are normally the most important factors for making that decision but not always. 

Again, utilizing a firm with experience in a multitude of project types can be quite helpful and cost effective. Determining the best Contractor or Construction Manager for a negotiated project is a painstaking experience for the Owner, Developer and Design team and qualifications and experience is normally the best method of making that decision. However, that may not be the best criteria for a project, and we can provide other options for consideration that could save a great deal of money and provide the same quality project. 

Finally, once a Contractor is determined for your project the final negotiations of the contract are crucial for all parties and we realize that the most successful projects are a collaborative effort for all parties and therefore our negotiation strategy is not always about money! The best cohesive team will always provide the best results for all. 

Our Strengths

Existing Building Condition Assessment 
Determination of Best Consultants for Project 
Site Analysis Consulting
Budget Evaluation 
Contractor Contract Evaluation, Selection and Negotiations 
Schedule of Values Evaluations 
Determining of Best Project Delivery System for the Project 
Negotiated Contract 
Cost Plus 
Cost Plus w/ Guaranteed Maximum Price
Be Your Own Contractor 
Team Building Consulting for the Perfect Project

Copas + Co Services for Owners, Developers & Design Professionals

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