Creating Construction Presentations that Win Projects!

August 2, 2023

Some people love the act of presenting, while most others strongly dislike public speaking. Employees in the construction industry typically avoid presenting at an interview and prefer sticking to their daily routine. Follow these tips to improve the quality of your presentations.

Design a Professional Presentation

The interview process offers an opportunity to leave a positive impression on the client regarding quality of work. A weak presentation will hinder your ability to present yourself as an expert in construction, especially if your competition brings quality content to the table. Hiring a graphic designer and strategic marketing professional is a wise investment if you seek to make your brand identity more competitive.

Practice and Prepare

A little bit of preparation goes a long way in terms of elevating the professionalism of a presentation. Follow these steps to effectively prepare for your interview:

  • Request a list of client questions prior to the interview and prepare answers ahead of time. 
  • Start practicing early so there is enough time to ensure that every presenter is comfortable with the content. 
  • Practice saying the answers in different ways so that the interview does not appear as staged. 
  • Rehearse the flow of the presentation beforehand and pay close attention to the time spent on each section. 
  • Designate someone to control the presentation graphics during the interview and allow them to practice cycling through the slides during rehearsals.

Take Advantage of Digital Interviews

Due to the rapid growth of remote work, more interviews are held digitally. Digital interviews are preferable and can be used to your advantage in the following ways:

  • Control over background and lighting
  • Talking notes can be open in a window on the computer or written and taped to the screen. Position the window or paper close to the webcam to give the impression that you are talking directly to the viewers.
  • Convenience of sharing presentations without a projector

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